• Five steps to ensure spindle quality
  • To thoroughly clean all parts and remove burrs and sharp edges to ensure unblemished parts.
  • Free From burrs and sharp edges
  • To remove rust and debris from the parts.
  • The robust supply chain system and incoming
      inspection system with CMM to ensure the
      components quality.
  • Stable component accuracy
  • The supply chain with its own component inspection system.
  • To ensure machining accuracy for assembly operation
  • The on-time quality control
  • The precise assembly techniques ensure the
      spindle in meeting design criteria.
  • Stable spindle accuracy
  • The bright, clean and constant temperature assembly room 
  • The precision assembly within tolerance specification
  • The professionally trained & dedicated engineers
  • Long life running cycle to ensure the bearings in
      full lubrication.
  • The life running tests
  • The temperature and noise test
  • The vibration test

  • The rigorous quality inspection procedure to ensure production run stability
  • The temperature, vibration, run out, clamping/ unclamping force, rigidity,hydraulic-pneumatic circuit, electrical connectors and external appearance inspection
  • The complete inspection specification to ensure the spindle quality